Friday, 3 October 2014

Nana Choc Top 'Ice Creams'

These are the most delicious little treats for the kids...and big kids :) They are easy to make and totally guilt free. The banana freezes down like ice cream and they were demolished in no time when I pulled them out the other night.

Nana Choc Tops

Cut bananas in half (or thirds for smaller ones) and push in an iceblock stick. 

This mix is enough for four banana halves so make more if needed. In a bowl melt 2tbsp of Coconut Oil with about 1tbsp of Pure Maple Syrup (or you can use honey) and mix. To melt the mix pop the bowl into another bowl which contains hot water and slowly melt the two together whilst mixing. 

Once its melted together, a rounded teaspoon at a time add some cocoa/cacao powder mixing in thoroughly after each addition, tasting each time to see if its chocolately enough and sweetened to your liking, add more cocoa or maple if required. I added roughly 1 1/2 tbsp of cocoa all up. 

Depending on the temperature if the chocolate is to runny pop it into the fridge for a min or two to thicken (its very quick to thicken) remix and then dip your bananas in. I ended up with quite a thick mix from leaving it to get to cold so I used a spoon to 'paint' the chocolate on each one, which gave it quite a rustic coating look if your mix gets lumps don't worry its just the coconut oil from going a bit to cold so just give it a good mix. 

Have a plate or container in the freezer with baking paper on it, after dipping each banana take it and pop it into the container (I held the banana by the stick in the freezer for a few mins just to get the initial set so when you put it onto the baking paper all the chocolate doesn't come off). Leave covered in the freezer for a few hours to freeze the bananas and then serve.



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