Friday, 3 October 2014

Wonky Photos


I didn't realise but some of the posts had photos that were the wrong way up :? Not sure when or how that happened, it could have been when I changed all the photos around in Picasa last time I was blogging.  So I wanted to say please excuse my wonky photos! I think I have fixed most of the photos in posts that needed rotating around and hopefully I haven't missed any, please let me know if I have missed any :)

It has been a nice hour or so looking back over posts as I have been editing them, it made me realise just how much I used to do and how small my babies were! 

It's school holidays at the moment so Master 7 is off in town at a playdate and Master 8 has one of his close mates over.......although it is pretty wet today so its all inside games, but they are great at entertaining themselves. I'm secretly listening to their games and it is so funny what they can come out with!

Making Scone dough pizza for lunch today, and then I'm working on an assignment for the afternoon, so I think we may do popcorn and a movie :)

What are you up to today? I'd love to hear :)

Ruth x

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