Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A New Guitar and Spray and Wipe

School goes back on Monday! With this comes a new start and a new year of discoveries for our growing boys (not allowed to say babies anymore according to Master8). 

Both of the boys have been asking for a while to learn Guitar but it has always been one of those 'next year maybe' things.  Well we are at the stage now where 'next year maybe' won't cut it anymore...they are simply at the ages where it is good to get these things rolling for them, so this year it is.

Master7 with his new guitar that he loves. With help from our amazing Grandma to purchase two guitars, the boys wish of learning guitar is happening this year.

So we have had to shuffle things around to make this work in the budget, along with enrolling them back into swimming lessons which are not cheap either, but we feel are essential for children to learn to become confident competent swimmers, especially here in NZ where swimming at the beaches in summer is a favourite past time. We took a break last year from swimming lessons as Master8 was a bit over them and Master7 wasn't allowed to swim because of his grommets. However with Master7 able to tolerate swimming again and their first triathlon coming up and having watched them recently in the pool, it's definitely time to get the lessons going again.

So guitar lessons and swimming lessons.....Oh my! It really is an expensive world these days that we all live in, and I must confess two children is more than enough for us to pay for with schooling and extra curricular activities - we can make that work on one salary - just!

So after much discussion and thoughts running through my head, MrW and I are tightening things up again and we know we can make this work.

I have had so many thoughts running through my head recently....the grocery bill is really getting to me, we still don't buy anything much luxury wise, however with two growing boys and now us two athletes the variety of foods we buy now compared to what we did when I first started blogging back in 2011 is a little different, and so is the amount we spend each week.  I do make an effort to buy the less processed spelt flour and coconut sugar however I feel I may just have to curb this and save them for particular recipes (like pastry and pizza dough! Spelt flour makes amazing pastry and pizza's!The coconut sugar...well this might just have to get marked off as a luxury and only if we can really afford it - we don't generally eat much in the way of sugar these days except what goes into my baking and I moderate this so this one won't matter as much). I have to find ways of being more frugal with my shopping again, this way I can provide a little extra cash to replace what we are now earmarking for the lessons so we can have an ice cream or a coffee out every now and then...or buy bark to replenish the old bare looking barked areas in the garden! as Miranda would say - Such Fun! :)

Soooo let the fun begin! First step, is to re-introduce those cleaners I have slowly replaced after the last little while with commercial ones (naughty me I know!).

First up is revisiting an old favourite of mine! SPRAY AND WIPE :)

So easy, so quick to make and so cost effective why wouldn't you?!

All you need is an old spray bottle, white vinegar, tea tree oil, a little dishwash liquid and good old H2O. Coupled with washable reusable cleaning cloths (I use chux cloths which a <$4 packet has lasted me for a couple of years!) this will save you a lot on a commercial chemical filled spray cleaner and paper towels if you use them.

1/4 fill your spray bottle with White Vinegar and add 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Top up the bottle with water and add a good squirt of dishwash liquid.  Put the trigger back into the bottle and give the bottle a good shake.  Each time you want to use the spray and wipe just give it a little shake and you are good to go :)

The white vinegar and tea tree oil work to kill the germs and the dishwash liquid gives a little oomph for cleaning up those messes or marks. Perfect for using in the bathroom, toilet and laundry cleaning as well.


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