Thursday, 22 January 2015

Taking Time To Smell the Roses....

I've had an assignment for my organisation and management paper that I have been working on for the last wee while, I finished it at midnight on Tuesday right on the dot of when it was due.....I don't like running it that close to the wire. I lose my sense of control, but with 26 pages and 5,895 words it took oh such a long time to compile and edit.

I feel like now it's time....definitely time

Time to let go of the busyness and just slow down, reconnect and take some time to smell some roses....

This is my climber Compassion which is in full bloom at the moment along the front fenceline
Yesterday I woke up so tired, and today a little less so but it's still there in my bones.  My studies will settle back into the normal work level now which is about 12hours a week until my exam late Feb, so I feel like I can take this breather I so desperately need.

Molly came out to say hello while I was taking a stroll around the garden yesterday...the cat's are like a magnet when I'm out there :)
Patch enjoying a cooler spot by the fence, she likes to sit back and quietly survey her domain sometimes, unlike Molly the pocket rocket :)

My triathlon training is still busy, my coach has me doing as much as I can manage with the kids at home on school holidays, and although it's so hard to get the motivation feeling like this, I did a training ride last night alongside MrW who was also tired from work, but I must say I felt so much better for it afterwards. I love exercise for waking up the body :) I can enjoy a day off today which I will savour I must admit.  Just over 9 weeks until my first Olympic distance triathlon (1.5km Swim, 40km Ride and 10km Run) and I am feeling a little on the fence of madness for wanting to do it!

The boys have the rest of this week and next on holiday then it's time to start school for the new year. We are waiting (not so patiently) for the new class lists to be put up at school to see who the boys will have as teachers.  They have just been starting to miss their friends they don't see regularly so I feel that they are getting ready in themselves for the start of school.  I cannot believe I will have two boys in the middle syndicate this year at school....time is flying!

It's time to slow down in our lives, I can feel it slipping away to fast with the boys growing up.

Knowing I will have some quieter time coming up after the assignment was submitted I started to make some plans for the garden.  On one of my study days last week I weeded a patch along the fenceline for my new rose to be planted......I finally found myself a beautiful Dublin Bay climber, such a stunning red rose which I feel will be a beautiful addition to the garden.  I love looking over my garden but the weeds are more than coming through again so it is time to get back out there and tidy it up...I'm still unsure what to do with the pond however....

The boys and I planted out strawberries in the trough on the deck a few month back and we are now harvesting beautiful sweet strawberries to devour

I have been thinking for a while now about how we can make a chook house work on our property, and I have decided that I will put it in the square section of the vege patch.  I know within my heart that as much as I would love to have a thriving vege garden again, I just don't think I will get it back to what it was with my studies and training to fit in now, so I will sacrifice some of the vege patch for a chook house and keep a section along the fence line to prepare for some autumn vege planting :) Now I just have to get out there and get it all prepared - watch this space, it may take a while! 

I have so many little spring cleaning jobs to do around the house, I need to sit down and make a list and start ticking them off one by one.  A step to reclaiming the control of life again and slowing ourselves back down and refocusing on what really matters in life to us - family and a warm welcoming loving home which is our safe haven xxx


  1. So happy to hear you have finished your assignment, and that your triathlon training is coming along. Wishing you good luck in your events.

    You are right about all the busyness that controls our lives.

    I am desperately trying to pull on the reins to slow down. I don't watch TV anymore apart from the occasional News program. I used to listen to the radio, but now I just like the quiet. I read somewhere that background noise hastens the day...Now I enjoy hearing the birds sing, the rooster crowing and hearing the clocks ticking away in the background.

    I am thinking of going to do some yoga classes, so I can teach my mind and body to stretch and relax to help with my anxiety issues. Thinking seriously about meditation too. There are times when all I want to do is sit still and do nothing...and smell the roses :)

    I have jobs waiting for me to do, but they can wait until I get to them I am having a big clean out this year, and just keeping what is useful and gets used in the house. Anything else can go. So a clean out of the house and my mind lol!

    Take care,


    1. Hi Tania,
      I am the same as you with noise. If the kids aren't around I really like to just listen to the birds and outside noises rather than the radio or TV in the background.
      You'll love yoga! I do Pilates, and I always feel so refreshed after a session, yoga would be one step better for re-centering :)
      Goodluck with the de-clutter and cleanout, always a big task but so worth it.
      Talk soon, Ruth xx


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