Monday, 15 May 2017

It's Been 2 years!


Would you like to join me for a cuppa and a piece of birthday cake :) (can you believe the Master 8 turned into Master 11 last week?!) I'd love the company x

Wow how time flies past so fast these days! I had a friend ask me the other day if my blog was still working as she wanted to refer back to some of my recipes. I found with surprise which soon turned to delight that my blog, my diary of time, my photos showing our adventures and my recipes I spent hours creating was just sitting in cyberspace quietly waiting for a view of a recipe or a read of a story.

Life has come a complete 360 since I last posted! We have been on a whirlwind adventure, and here I find us as a family coming nearly back to where we started all the way back in 2011; seeking a quieter life, saving money, living frugally, paying off debt and bringing up our boys to be well rounded and grounded individuals.

 Soon after I last said hello we made the decision that it was time - time to leave our slice of country paradise and move back up to Auckland so we could be closer to MrW's work. We all endured three years of his commuting a couple of hours each day and missing out on quality family time. The decision was also made in regards to the boys having more options in regards to later schooling. So off we moved in May 2015 to the North Shore of Auckland.

We have all settled in well, we live within 10mins of MrW's work, the boys are doing well at their new school and we will be seeing Master now 11 off to Intermediate next year with Master now nearly 10 not far behind!  I am now working 30hours a week so life is no longer the slower pace we once enjoyed but is quite hectic and it sure keeps us on our toes! My job is in my field of study (Accounting) and I'm now half way through my degree. We are still cycling and have completed some awesome events in the past few years and we have an exciting adventure heading our way which I will come back and share another time :)

We have both found ourselves recently overwhelmed with the speed of life and for me in particular I felt the yearning to slow things down, get back to enjoying life and the things that used to bring me so
much joy. baking, cooking, providing a safe and warm cosy home for the family and  spending time just chilling.  We have managed to decrease our debt significantly since we have gone back to two salaries which has been a real blessing but we still have a little left to nail. Aside from that with our impending grand adventure we find ourselves back to needing to watch the spending really closely, bring all our old skills back into use and save save save so we don't go backwards!

Can we do it? I'm sure we can! It will just take a little navigating to make it work in our new lifestyle, I no longer have a vege garden, I have a teeny kitchen I'm not all that fond of and I have no storage space for stockpiling - BUT - this is all part of the adventure right?

Watch this space. I've missed my blog and sharing our experiences with our friends and my wonderful readers. I hope to come back and document this new part of our journey, and if I can share a few ideas that help to others that find themselves in a similar situation to us, well, I'll be one happy lady xx

Mr W had some birthday cake fun for our big 11 year old :) 

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