Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Big Adventure!

I've been pondering the last few days whether or not I should start writing again for the blog, it was always really good at keeping us on track and accountable plus I love sharing my knowledge/successes (and failures) and helping others; be it with recipes, money saving tips, crafting, family ideas, budgeting and how to live a fun and fulfilling life on less. The reward for blogging about the exciting and mundane life of our household was getting to help others on their journey. Sometimes you just need to know you have someone out there that just 'gets it'.

mmmmm lunch I made at work today
I have been questioning though if it is right for this part of our lives, for the same but also very different journey we were on for many years....and I think the answer is yes, it is also a great way for my cherished friends and family who live near and far to keep up with the happenings of the House of Whitley! So we will see how this goes, hopefully I will be able to kick it off and keep it running :)

So Welcome officially to Journey #2, this requires a real conscious decision to commit. I hope to provide regular-ish posts about all kinds of things to do with leading a more simple life, 'frugalling' things up again, paying off the last of the debt/saving for the future with a busy family and of course Mama's kitchen will 'reopen' and I hope to have some yummy foodie posts to share. Some of my blogging you may find interesting and some you may not. As always please feel free to leave me a comment or share my blog with your friends and family.  I'd also love to hear any tips or tricks you have to share :) I have a treasure trove of information lurking in the older posts which I myself will be scrolling back over; I think I may even re-teach myself some valuable skills, tips and tricks that have begun to lay dormant!

Getting out and about with the Family

AND here leads me to the Catalyst for MrW and I sitting together a month or so ago and stripping back everything we have been doing.  We ended up realising this isn't working, there are no decent savings and we aren't paying off enough of the small debt we have. It was clear that we had reached the point where we've got to rein in the horses and get ourselves back on track to how we used to be before we moved back to the city. I owe my friend J a big hug of thanks for giving me a bit of a push; asking about my blog she made me realise 'you know what, we have done it once and we will do it again'!

Life doesn't need to be this hard, this expensive, this processed or this busy - Life can be simple and enjoyable, it is what you make it x

So you see this?

This Is Our Big Adventure!

This is my ticket to Qualifying to represent New Zealand at the UCI World Gran Fondo Cycling Champs in Albi, France!! Holy moly, never did I dream my cycling would take me to another country in such a special way. Both MrW and I qualified to go over to France in August of this year; what an honour it will be to get to wear a New Zealand Cycling kit and race internationally.

It would be right to insert the disclaimer *I have never travelled out of New Zealand before* yes yes my first overseas trip will be a massive adventure all the way across to France!
We are both loving our cycling and it's going pretty well for us (as you can see :) ) we don't race pro or anything crazy like that, but being able to hold it against our own with the top of our age group for amateur Masters racing is pretty damn cool!

After the buzz wore off we realised the reality of this, and that was that in amongst day to day life we had 6months to come up with the funds to make it work and the extra time training over winter which would normally be our 'down' time where we don't train as consistently and just give ourselves that mental and physical break.  The figures were crunched and they showed we could do it - just!.....if we significantly reduced our spending habits, cut down our grocery bill and hunted for the best deals, Oh boy oh boy! We have so gotten used to being back on two wages, but effectively we need to be able to save at least half my salary in order to do this! So it starts here and it starts now - lets get us to France Baby!

Doing his thing at the recent National Road Champs

MrW warming up for the World Masters Games Time Trial

This was a hard day - contrary to popular belief I am not a Supermum and it's a hard juggle

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