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Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! 

About me...Well.... I'm in my early 30's, a stay-at-home Mama and also a student via correspondence, I'm studying towards an Accounting and Management Degree so when they boys have left primary school I will be able to go out in my new career as an Accountant (that's the hope anyway!) I am blessed with a very loving, supportive and ever patient husband. MrW is my rock and together we have two wonderful boys, Master 8 and Master 7. Our boys are full of energy, full of life, and provide wonderful entertainment in our house, but in turn they keep me constantly on the go with things to be done. MrW says he may occasionally add his little bit to my blog, so I guess we watch this space :) As for my blogging...well I'm pretty sure you'll pick up soon that I like to talk (or write in this case :) ), I blame it on being well practiced having been a Hairdresser in my previous career.

Over the last couple of years due to a health issue I morphed into a runner...then a cyclist and now I can officially call myself a Triathlete :) MrW is a competitive Road Cyclist having taken cycling back up after leaving it behind in his teenage years when he started in the Airforce. Staying active and eating Clean Wholefoods is an important part of our life.

We live in a beautiful quiet part of the country in rural Auckland, New Zealand. Our place backs onto a farmers paddock so we get to have little visits from the neighbouring cows at the fenceline.  
We used to live in the city and got caught up in all the trappings of living in a fast paced environment, the biggest trap as such is getting entangled in the web of living outside of your means, from what I have experienced it seems to be very common in the city. So we uprooted the family in a bid to get back to a slower way of life, clear our debt and save for our own home.  MrW and I both grew up rurally and we wanted this for our children.  

So we have found our little slice of paradise and have slowed things down in our house.  I'm at home in the kitchen creating all sorts of yummy food and we all LOVE food in our house, so we can often be found experimenting with new dishes and tasty treats. MrW also enjoys cooking when he gets the chance, and the boys are also showing a great love of cooking and baking and are always keen to grab a chair and join in.  Our food philosophy is to make our food from scratch where possible, eating Clean Wholefoods, we include lots of good fats, create a balance with those yummy but sometimes not so good carbs and are refined sugar free for the most part. I also prefer to use Spelt nowadays over wheat due to stomach issues...and Spelt has been a life changer for me :) Some of my older recipes are from pre Clean eating, but they are old favourites that I hope you will love....and some can be adapted to be 'cleaned' up as it were :) 

We make as many of our own cleaners as we can, we cook from scratch, we have a stockpile, bake our own bread, we do our bit to conserve our precious environment and we aim to be as 'green' in our practices as we can.  I have bought myself my first sewing machine and am teaching myself how to sew, building on the basics I learnt back in college, I am a novice knitter (I have been known to make a good scarf or two), we are working our way towards becoming debt free in a year or two and we try not to spend if we don't have to, unlike our old way of living. Oh and I'm a bit of a Shorty Street fan...and my washing pile always keeps coming back (I'd like to find the secret to that problem! ;) )

So for our house it's back to basics, living a happy, healthy, active, simple and frugal lifestyle :) So whilst my husband works in fast paced Auckland city, in our little house we are trying everyday to slow down and take time to smell the roses :)

If you wish to contact me and send me an email about anything and everything you can at mrsw.comesmelltheroses@gmail.com .

I love to receive comments on my posts, and even just to have my blogging pals say Hello, so please feel free to leave me a comment every now and then even if it is just anonymous.  If I don't reply I probably have just been distracted by something else on my task list, but every single comment is read, reflected upon and appreciated.  Comments have a way of lifting your spirits..it's like the movie "You've got Mail" :)

Hope you come back to visit soon,

Regards,  MrsW (Ruth)
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